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"Divinely Beautiful" and "Beautifully Divine" - Silverbell Hand Mirror

"Divinely Beautiful" and "Beautifully Divine" - Silverbell Hand Mirror

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The Fae of the Silverbell Grove have been consulting with the Oracle that often visits the Apothecary. They came together to make these incredible hand mirrors! Careful when looking at the reflection they show- who knows what might be looking back at you...

Our Silverbell Hand Mirrors are made with wooden frames and inlaid with various kinds of acrylic - mirrored, marbled and glitter. Each mirror measures about 8 inches long and features a hole at the end of the handle to hang on the wall or off a belt. 

Handmade Disclaimer:

While images do a wonderful job capturing the magical essence of each one of our handmade creations, colors and textures may be slightly different in person than how they are perceived online. If you have any questions or would like to see more details about any of our pieces, please contact us!

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