Pre-Sale Hat Updates

Hello Adventurers!

Thank you so much for an AMAZING year with our Stained Halo Hats. These magical pieces of headwear have taken the Apothecary in an entirely new direction! 

This blog post is to update everyone who has ordered a Pre-Sale Hat with production updates and shipping timeline estimates! You can find your group based on the date that you purchased a Pre-Sale listing!

As of right now, you are still able to adjust your shipping address. Please contact us through our website or at to let us know!

August 13th - Classic and Delux Halo Hats

Status: In Production
- Hats are being prepped [White and Brown bases are finished, Black is in production]
- Window frames are halfway done printing
- Window panes are halfway done printing
Estimated Shipping Date: Between January 14th and January 21st

October 8th - Deluxe Halo Hats

Status: Materials have been ordered
Estimated Shipping Date: February 17th and February 24th

November 25th - Classic Halo Hats

Status: On deck
Estimated Shipping Date: Between April 20th and 27th

December 18th - Classic Halo Hats

Status: On deck
Estimated Shipping Date: Between May 4th and May 11th

*** All Shipping dates are subject to change in case of unforeseen circumstances with supply chains or machinery. ***


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