Collection: There and Back Again

Collection available on March 25th! 4:00pm with Ambrosia and Honey, 4:30pm with The Sunny Fox Apothecary

There and Back Again is a collaborative collection between The Sunny Fox Apothecary and Ambrosia and Honey bringing the magic of JRR Tolkien's Middle Earth to life. Through paintings, postcards, charms and apparel you can travel to places like The Shire, Rivendell, Moria, Mirkwood, Argonanth and even the dark land of Mordor. 

For apparel and other adornments, visit The Sunny Fox Apothecary for Stained Glass Windows, Stained Glass Bags, Character Jewelry and more!

For all your decor desires, visit Ambrosia and Honey for Bookshelf Windows, Wall Hangings, Prints and more!

Both shops will host The Traveler's Lantern, a piece that fully combines the enchanting vision of each artist.